Making a video game blender and unreal legal issues

Hello. I’m planning on making a video game and I few a few questions that need to be answered. Mainly is if I make a house using the geometry with unreal engine instead of blender does that mean I’ll have to make my game for free? Basically saying is it ok to create an environment using unreal engine not udk and profiting from it. Or will all objects and animations will need to be made from a 3d software such as blender.

No, that has nothing to do with whether you have to make your game free or not.

The geometry tools in UE4 is not designed to make all of the geometry, it is for doing very simple blocking out of the level before you replace it with your final geometry—you would want to use a 3D program like Blender/3ds Max/Maya to model your geometry and then export to UE4.

The only reason you pay royalty for using UE4 is if you make money off the project and you make more than $3,000 in a quarter of the year (each 3 months).

Okay thank you