Making a vehicle interior a seperate map?

Sorry if i posted this in the wrong sub-forum. I’m pretty new to Unreal and am still learning the community. Here’s my question though: Is it possible to have the player/AI-characters be “teleported” to a separate map when entering a vehicle interior?

I’d like to make vehicles that can be driven/flown around in the “global” or “over-world” map while still able to have characters walk around the vehicle/ship totally normal. From my snooping around this forum, and the internet as a whole, simply moving the interior around the “over-world” with characters directly inside will make the physics act pretty jank. But if there were a way to have the characters teleported to a separate area that is motionless while appearing to simply enter a vehicle’s interior, wouldn’t it be possible to achieve the same affect?

Not sure if this exists in Unreal Engine but i vaguely remember reading that some other video games achieve my goal this way. I thought I would ask you guys before trying to tackle this in case someone had figured out a solution to my scenario

If you want the player in a ship / vehicle moving around the map, you need to have the vehicle loaded in the map with the character inside. Just don’t use physics.

Two maps or the same map and two different locations / scales is a common solution.
Then if you have windows, you can fill in the outside world using Render-Texture tricks.
Indie outfit Angels-Fall-First helped popularize this method back in the udk community.
Some devs have solved this as one vehicle btw but they’ve never shared 100% solution.:wink:

Definitely would do this with one vehicle. You can separate the meshes perhaps (very common), but it makes no sense to move them to another part of the level IMO, unless your proportions are all out of whack (and it’s only a single-player game).

Just attach the interior mesh to the exterior, hide the exterior when inside, hide the interior when outside. Render Targets are absurdly expensive, I would strongly advise against those.