Making a usable computer object

Hello everyone. I have a question on how to tackle an interactive computer screen.
Basically, I would like to walk up to it and once I am close enough the screen changes to the interactive surface.
I do not really know the best way to go about it. I do know how to make objects selectable, so I could move tiny objects over the screen but that seems a bit weird. I thought about creating a render surface and just stream the screen while the objects move somewhere else but again I find that awkward. Can someone give me a hint how to go about it?
Thank you very much.

If the objects are 3D then your only option is to use a render target & scene capture component setup. If they’re 2D then you can use CanvasRenderTarget2D, but it’s broken after the 4.5 update.

What you want to achieve sounds a lot like the interactive screens on Doom 3, right? Check 2.55 in this video to see what I mean:

If so, all you have to do is run a trace line, get hit location and calculate where it lands on the screen. The rest is easy getting, mouse location figuring out if it clicks on a button etc.

Thanks I will try that :slight_smile: