Making a Turn Based Strategy Game from scratch with no prior experience?

Heya, I’ve been thinking about trying to make TBS prototype but i’ve never coded or made a game before, just art. How would one go about making a game like X-COM, Broken Age, NUCOM and so on? Where should i start?

I don’t want to use already existing kits.

Been trying to find a tutorial series about it but couldn’t find anything concrete. Can you please help?

thats a really broad topic and is beyond the scope of the answerhub.

if your new then the first step is to learn the engine and the basics of programming / logic. for learning the engine i would start with the unreal engine youtube channel and the resources in the learn tab of this site. the youtube channel also has some videos on basic programming concepts like variables, loops, etc.

after that i would do a ton of tutorials online to learn more aspects of the engine and build your skills further. do the tutorial as show in videos then try to modify it a bit to change its behavior and really learn how it works.

Once you feel confident in your skills then you can move on to the actual game you want to make (or at least its parts). first make a plan and try to decide how things work overall and what sub systems you will need (health, movement, items, etc), then try to create one of the systems on its own so you can learn what you need and how to get it running on its own. repeat for each other system in the game.

once you’ve got the systems working you can begin work on the final game and integrate all the systems into one project / cohesive overall system.

in my opinion those steps are the bare minimum. I would actually try to make a few smaller games along the way as your learning. If you make a few junk games along the way then you will be that much better and know what works by the time you make your masterpiece.