Making a top down shooter?


I would like to create a top down shooter (like Dead Ops Arcade from Black Ops) but I have no idea from where to start. The tempalte given in UE is not conveignent.
Anyone has an idea on where should I begin (maybe how should I modify the template)?

Thanks a lot!

Hey Cypaubr! I actually did a top down shooter in UE4 about a year ago, just as a small side project. You can see some of my early results here.

Besides from the inventory system, I did everything from scratch, starting from the base top down example project included with Unreal. The biggest resource I used was this website, Shooter Tutorial.

While the website shows how to create a shooter game from just a first person view, it still goes over a lot of important things, like how to setup your guns, and more. For animations I used a free pack off the marketplace and then a couple custom ones.

Honestly a place I would begin with is an inventory system. This system will drive quite a lot, even your weapons (eg weapon can extend from an item class).

I can’t remember exactly where I found this flowchart from, but I still have it saved, but its essentially the same way my classes were setup (at least for weapons).

If you have more questions, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

I would start here: Twin Stick Shooter (v4.8)

It will show you the very basics.

There are many tutorials teaching how to do a top-down shooter, after going through the one I posted just choose the next one and do it.

I’m working full-time on a top-down shooter game called Unaided: 1939

What I can say is a lot of things on how to make it is very similar to Third person shooter games so you can start with any UE4 shooter tutorial. The main difference is how the targeting works since the camera is above. If you have any questions, just hit me up. Alternatively, I could probably make a short tutorial about it using the UE4 Thirdperson template. Let me know

Sir can you make that tutorial? Im to working on a Top-Down shooter and would to get any help. Please Sir if it not any trouble1

Hi, Why Have They Removed It? Need Some Basic Help