Making a top down mouse following character

Hey guys!

I know there’s a pre-build template wich does exactly this, but I would like to learn how to do by myself. How can I do a blueprint script to make a simple cube, for example, “walk” to the point where I clicked with the mouse. Studying by myself all I could do was making it simply teleports to the point that I clicked, but even this way it’s teleporting “close” to the point and under it… When the cube teleports it goes a little bit down the floor…

Thank you in advance!

*obs: I also tried simple move to location instead of setActorLocaiton

I wish I could do the same thing.

I used your question to make the answer because I was wanting to do the same thing.

For the object not to teleport it is only to change the Set Actor Location function to the Simple Move to Location function.

First you create an Action Mapping:

So you basically change the last function of your code: