Making a tank tread (spline that spawns tread actors) follow the tank

Hi all – obligatory “I’m new to unreal…”

High level, I’m trying to get a tank tread that’s created and animated by a spline to ‘follow’ the tank after the animation I’ve created has stopped, or if the tank is hit by a projectile. This video demonstrates how this is currently breaking.

I have the tread in a separate blueprint from the tank – here’s the current event graph setup:

Is there some way to parent or socket the tread to the tank so that regardless of the animation being on/off, it’ll stay where it should be?

Thank you for the help with the newbie question…

It looks like it’s moving ok, just needs to be attached to the tank.

If you have it in the same BP, you make sure the track spline is a sub component of the body of the tank.

Thank you! I had the problem persist even after merging the bps, but was able to resolve it by using another animation that looped when my “forward” button isn’t pressed