Making a Strong Chain

Hi, all.
I’ve searched many times for a tutorial on how to create a rope or chain, but every I find doesn’t seem to be quite what I want. It’s either “You need Physx for this” or “Buy this plugin”. I found a video about splines that looks useful, but it seems that splines are just immobile, piecewise curves.

I just want something I can attach a swinging hook to and move around with all the physics of a real object.
I tried to just make chain out of rectangular links. It kinda works, but one link with eventually clip through another and cause the whole chain to plummet into the skybox oblivion.

Is the collision not done correctly? Is it even possible to do it this way?
Is there a proper way of doing this? Maybe I need a better search criteria to find a tutorial, because I haven’t found anything too helpful.

Here’s a video of what I have so far. SeaCranes Test - Unreal Editor 5 - YouTube