Making a start menu, and an in-game menu with blueprint?

Is it possible to make a start menu, and an in-game menu with blueprint?

Can anyone help me with this?

Since the design of start menus in terms of function and appearance differs from game to game, there’s no easy way to explain how it must be done.

I’d say you have to establish in your GameMode, a HUD blueprint and a GameState (as well as Controller and so on).
This is a first step in any game.

Within the HUD blueprint’s EventReceiveDrawHUD event you create custom functions to draw some buttons and hitboxes (and hitbox events). These can be switched on and off using bools and branches. It can be a little painful to create buttons because you have to specify where they go on screen, what size they are, and make sure the hitbox matches. DrawMateral is probably better than DrawTexture for buttons because you can have animation and all kinds of layered effects in materials that textures alone don’t permit. You can also add text to buttons using DrawText.

In your controller you can set up commands like ‘show cursor’, ‘enable click events’, and create input events to toggle menus by hotkey if needed.

Then create a GameState blueprint with functions like ‘Save’, ‘Load’, ‘New’, ‘Quit’, ‘Begin’, ‘Resume’ and associate the hitbox events in your HUD with those functions via blueprint communications.
To learn how to save study the Tappy Chicken example - it saves variables in a SaveGame blueprint.
Quit is just a node called Execute Console Command : quit

You’ll likely also want to put a Toggle Cinematic Mode toggle in your level blueprint to prevent the player moving when a menu is exposed.

There is already quite a lot of stuff posted in the Answer Hub demonstrating all these things. just search.

I just created a fully functional menu. I suggest downloading Swing Ninja, it was the easiest to learn off of.

Yes it is possible to make a start menu. Some games in market have main menu like tappy chicken, swing ninja or Card game.