Making a Space Ship Pawn


so I have just started with Unreal and I would like to simulate a space ship / rocket where the player inputs apply forces to the ship, to have drifting, etc… However I have a few issues and maybe misconceptions, would be great if someone could help.

  1. I create a pawn blueprint for the rocket and I would like to have the rocket local X axis pointing forward. I add a capsule collision with physics simulation active and a mesh for the rocket as a child of that capsule. Now EITHER I make the capsule the root, but then I can not rotate it at all, meaning I can’t have the rocket pointing forward in local X. OR instead I make the capsule a child of a the default scene root, however then the actual rotation of the actor does not change when I query it. I assume that only the child capsule transform is changing, but it is not applied to the pawn itself.

How can I make the capsule orient to the X axis in local space while also making sure that any physical simulation on the capsule will affect the pawn itself?

  1. Do I need a Movement Controller in my scenario? I tried to work with the Floating Pawn Movemement but it seems that is not meant to simulate physics behavior. Should I just apply the Inputs directly then, without calling Add Movement Input?

I am using UE 4.26. Thanks in advance

Check this out

Thanks, this was fun and interesting!

If someone comes by, I am still curious about my initial 2 questions.