Making a space flight/dogfighting sim

I am new to Unreal, and I want to make a space combat game similar to TIE Fighter or X Wing. How would I get started with this? I have previous experience with RPG Maker VX Ace. I downloaded Blender for asset creation, but am not confident in my abilities. I am also not looking forward to another 10 hours of tutorials. Is there a good resource to pick up assets? Any tutorial recommendations? I started watching Virtus Learning Hub, but that seems more geared to fps. Is this even the right software to attempt this sort of thing? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Hey did you ever figure out any tutorials for the space flight?

Start with Jacky’s Viper project, maybe?

Tip number one; set the thrusters to acceleration not physics. In acceleration mode the thrusters create 1:1 acceleration of a theoretical Newtonian force by excluding the F and M in the F=MA calculation and provides the acceleration only. In physics mode it’s not a theoretical force and UE4 tries to calculate it as a real force in realtime with A=F/M. Thus the thrusters run proportionally to the framerate so the faster the framerate the faster the ship will accelerate creating an insanely annoying inconsistent maximum velocity.

Late update, I did find a decent tutorial here: Create a Space Flight Physics Simulator in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

I put this down and stopped working on it for a few years, and even though I have a ship I can fly, the next process of making functional AI seems very tricky. Especially flying AI.