Making a soulborn game on UE4?

Hello, Im new to this community. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge on how easy/difficult it would be to make a soulborn style game in Unreal Engine 4. My first assumption is that it can’t be that hard, as it really comes down to replicating the combat.

Thank you for your time.

If you have no experience, very hard. If you do, then recruit a bunch of similar people and spend 5 years making it

Game development is unbeliveable time consuming, i underestimated it too so much. for example, im not sure but i think doom was in development from 2009 (some prototyping to 2013 then released 2016), about 50-100 ppl worked on that (20 “direct” people like animators, programmers, 3d artists).

Oh no, I know it would take years. What Im wondering is if I had two circles swining sticks at each other, would it be possible to replicate, or simulate the combat in a souls game. It doesn’t have to look pretty, Im just wondering if the core concept is doable.

with c++, everything you can imagine is possible (except accuracy at high network latency)

If I take your question to mean “How long would it take to create a simple prototype that has similar functionality” - then I would say, it will take you at least 6 months to get familiar with the engine itself (create simpler projects, learn editor functions, etc), and then it could take you about 300-400 hours of work to get a basic vertical slice (content is focused on functionality, not quantity).

To give you some context:

I create my first game in UE4 in about 200 hours of work and from that I was able to share this project with the community:

Notice the amount of functionality I was able to implement. However, I bought all my animations (no need to do that), and bought some other assets to speed up development. I also have a coding background (so creating the logic wasnt too hard) and I had worked with Unity before.

Im giving you this context so you can come up with your own estimate. Bottom line, its going to take over a year to build a basic prototype of the game.

My advice -> start simple and learn UE4 first. Then you can buy a template from the Marketplace to get you started quicker (Look at the Adventure Kit for example)

Hope this helps!

@CoquiGames Thank you! that was very helpful.

Check out this thread: