Making a skin add character values through graph

Hey guys, so I’m trying to create a more user friendly version of a “backpack” / “saddlebag” mod, and rather than using the shield idea I would like to instead make a item skin that you can overlay onto the dino saddle or player helmet. Is this even possible, and if so how do I use the Graph utility to make it so I change it so the Max weight character value is increased and not the current Weight value? only one other post had any reference on how to do this, but it only worked on a PrimalItemArmor_BP. I currently have my graph set up like this

But I can’t seem to get the weight added to my dinos. am I doing something wrong? or can skins not be used this way? or are there settings in my buff that need to be set in order for this to work?
Any help would be appreciated.

You don’t actually have to set the weight in the graph, you can do this in the defaults tab in the buff blueprint. Look for Max Stat Scalers, add an entry and set your values there.

do you mind sending a quick ss of where that is, I looked, but I was unable to find that setting through the search bar.

Not a problem.