Making a simple Play/Stop sound event

Hello! I am new to UE4 and I am trying to add a sound effect of heavy breathing when the stamina value is 20 or lower. As I understand, it all works as it should until the value actually gets to 20 and the sound should be played, but it doesn’t. I don’t quite catch where I am making a mistake. Can anybody help me with this trouble, please?

You don’t have your set sound node hooked up to anything.

He means to try this

When you see an empty white arrow on a blueprint node, it means that it is a function that needs to be executed. If you have your white line going through the function it will be called, in this instance you’re not executing the “Set Sound” node

Can you explain it more detailed? Like, how I can fix it or something?

Ok, I got it now.
I’ve tried to hook it up as you show, but still there’s no sound at all. As I understand, the problem is that there’s nothing to be played, thought the path to the node is highlighted during the moment when it should play the sound.

Use play sound attached or play sound at location instead.

Thanks everyone for your advice! I got that working now

How did you fix it

I know this is an old thread but this is how I achieved the same thing by making a low health sound.

Mate, how’d you get those wires to turn like that? The overlapping spaghetti wires have been getting on my nerves and I’d love to learn how you did that.

Hey Loqz, What you would do is double click on the wire and a node will be placed on the wire. From there just select the node and place them where you need them to bend the wires :slight_smile: