Making a simple 3d editor


I want to use the unreal engine to quick develop a simple 3d Editor
but somehow i don’t know how to make 4 viewports which Displays the front, right, top and perspective
or make a tool bar. The Tools provided with Qt creator are good to make a quick user Interface but Managing 3D
Content in unreal engine is a lot easier.

Thank you for your help.

You need to look how slate works (underlying C++ layer for what is UMG in blueprints).
Making editor in this way is not trivial, and it will not be quick.
Not sure if you can easily compile just slate with render engine (that would be start for making custom editor)
I am also not sure if we are allowed to use engine in such way.

If you’re making a customization tool, like for a game, then that’s fine. You just can’t use UE4 to basically make another game engine.