Making a Side Scroller character turnaround?

Does anyone know how can you get a Side Scroller character to make a 180-degree rotation when changing the direction that the character is currently facing?

As it currently stands, I’ve using blueprint that I got from [][1] forum topic for making my character turnaround:

The problem that I have with blueprint though is that the character instantaneously turns around when I would much rather have my character turnaround in a more natural manner.

The same topic that I got the above blueprint also had blueprint recommendation that purports to give a more natural turn to the opposite direction:

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck in implementing blueprint due to the fact that I cannot find particular component:


I can’t find it in the list of the components and so I was wondering if anyone knows what particular component is and how to find it?

Alternatively, does anyone have any other suggestions on how I can get my character to rotate around instead of changing direction instantaneously?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Help, please?

i only know the yellow component is a timeline, you need to create yourself

just right click and type “timeline”

also, i found that there is a component call “RInterp to”

it can make a smooth rotation, but i think it is not that good to use of character

[Here’s the link][2]

maybe you are better to make a turnback animation and play it when you click the mouse middle button of some else?

Okay, so now I’ve kinda got it working, my character now rotates around when changing direction in a rather satisfactory manner but the problem now is that when my character moves he ends up facing the wrong direction.


I’m not sure why is happening, as I can’t seem to find anything out of place in my blueprint compared to the [one][2] that I’ve been following. The only difference I’ve spotted is with the Add Movement Input component, as the one in my blueprint has the World Direction as Y -1.0 whereas the original has it as X 1.0.

My blueprint:




However, changing the values in the World Direction has so far proven to be a very bad idea and only makes the problem worse.

Does anyone have any idea on why problem is occuring?

Movement Input blueprint:

Timeline graph: