Making a room completely dark by closing shutters

Hey Unreal community,

I have recently stumbled upon a most annoying question with regards to a room.

What i am trying to simulate is a room that has lighting coming from the outside but when i close the movable shutters (or in my case, a box) it all of a sudden becomes totally dark. I was not able to achieve this no matter how hard I tried and didn’t find any trace of it on he net. I thought someone might have already encountered this issue and might have some experience with regards to that.

Eventually i plan to put artificial lights inside the room but i somehow need the skylight to react to the movable object blocking the space where the light is coming from. The idea is that when you close the shutters in a room, it becomes darker.

The sunlight is reacting well, but the movable skylight doesn’t care at all, it’s set to distance field.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


You won’t be able to do that with baked lighting, the only way to do that is dynamic lights though it won’t look as good.

Thank you very much, is there perhaps a blueprint to reduce skylight contribution to 0 in steps by any chance? I’m willing to try fully dynamic lighting in this scene if it works, however the scene already has fully dynamic lighting and it doesn’t appear to work.
Got movable skylight, distance fields, movable sun and no other lights, have i missed anything by any chance? Thank you

You could make a simple blueprint that would set skylight intensity to 0 when the door closes. You could even do it with baked lighting if you referenced the Post Process Volume and set global illumination to 0, and turned your stationary sun and sky intensity to 0 at the same time.

Indirect lighting is not something you can animate the intensity with Stationary lights, it only affects the direct lighting.

Yea but I’m just talking about the direct light intensity for that part. The post process volume with GI to 0 will take care of the indirect lighting

Thx Vasili, I’m really excited to try that, is there anywhere i could find a blueprint tutorial about how to make that or something similar? I’m not particularly good at making such things but I’m willing to give it a try.

Perhaps I could make a blueprint when i’m in the room and i close the shutters, then the GI could gradually go tot 0 and when i open the bathroom door, perhaps the Gi could go to something higher in the main room post process and have maybe another PP GI for the bathroom (there are 2 rooms, forgot to mention).

Thank you very much.