Making a Replay system just like Paragon

I know it’s possible to make a replay system in Unreal engine. But how do we do it? Are there any example projects that I can look at that already implemented this feature?

You would use the sequence recorder for that

These should get you on your way:

You would use the sequence recorder for that

These should get you on your way:

I’m sorry but that’s not what I’m looking for. What I want is a game replay system just like what Paragon implemented. Games like Clash Royale, Dota 2 and League OF Legends implemented that as well

Yea sorry, never played any of those games so maybe someone else can help you.

I haven’t seen ready-made support for this.
What these systems generally do is record the network packets sent to some (or broadcast to all) clients.
Then, to replay, it simply re-plays those network packets, turning off the local player’s input.
You should be able to build this into the C++ code without too much work (I mean, yes, it’s work, but most of the bits are already there because you already have network support.)

I hope they have a guide or example project to do this. I heard in 4.6, they implemented an instant replay system but it wasn’t documented much

It’s callable via “DemoRec” as a console command, I know that, but I don’t think it’s BP-exposed. It’s pretty limited, though, it only does replicated data of course and it doesn’t work with level streaming properly. It’s meant to do EXACTLY what Paragon or UT do (show a replay of an online multiplayer match) so doing it as a replay system for a single-player offline game (like a racing game, or EA Skate, or something to that effect) it’s not gonna work how you want, necessarily.