Making a presentation of a 3d model

So i wanted to be a bit of a showoff at school by bringing a presentation of a architecture with UE. Built the model, defined the textures etc and came to the point to set the game rules and cameras. I did something similar a few years back but god now i can’t remeber a thing about how i set up that time. So i’m searching the internet for some tutorials but can’t find any.

My goal is “simply” to move the camera around, moving a few object and popping up some text/image using certain keys or mouse. Have you guy any idea, program or tutorial to help me out? Or am I aming too high and go back to a standard ppt presentation?

You may check Unreal Engine Youtube videos, or learning platform.
There can be some nice stuff with Simple Inventory Pick and Drop system. To do that you need to build a blueprints. Once you are near to the items, there could be pop up text for the item and if you can set pick and drop stuff, that could be fancy.

There are many tutorials on the Youtube, just try to do as simple as possible because that system can be very complicated. Hope that could help.