Making a player character disappear when the player possesses another?

I have multiple types of AIs [dog, cat] that can be possessed by a player [ghost]. I want the player character pawn [ghost] to disappear when the ghost controller takes over one of those AI characters [dog, cat].

If the player controller [ghost] ejects from the possessed AI character [dog, cat], the ghost character should spawn again and the player controller should possess it.

I’m not sure how to do this exactly.

I’ve tried putting a destroy actor behind the possess node but it gets destroyed immediately as the game starts. Any tips would be appreciated.

I can have the ghost possess them without an issue, it’s just the problem of making the ghost disappear once that happens and then reappear when the ai gets unpossesed.

What about using ‘Event unpossessed’?

Hm, does that event only check if it’s un/possessed by a player controller specifically or any controller at all? since i want ai to take over as soon as a player unpossesses. I only want it to check for players.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to give it a try.

When you give the player the possession of some other actor, you can hide the ghost using hide actor from game node.

Alternatively, if you want another controller to take over the Ghost, you can use the Possess node. It requires the controller and the Pawn as the input, so Ghost has to be a pawn.