Making a Patch for Android


I am completely lost, I made a “patch” via a “launcher custom”.

Why does it erase the APK and OBB files to replace them with a PAK and a lighter OBB? I need the apk to be able to publish my application and add a patch file.

I do not really understand what I can do but what I would like is to import an update and not the whole application. If I upload a new version of the apk and I download my application via the PlayStore, it downloads the whole app again, I would like it to download only the 2-3mo update.

One last thing, when I proceed custom launcher, I get a .obb file of 30mo while I have almost nothing to change. I thought it was enough that I upload a new APK and that I put the obb of the “patch” instead of the basic obb and that google did the continuation as I keep the previous version.

Thank you to those who can help me.

mobile patching process for doing an app update:

but trust me it’s easier to just upload the totally new APK and OBB to the playstore - it’s normal the whole app is redownloaded for a google play app update :wink:

Thank you for the answer but I saw that yet. What a really want to do it’s a way to Upload a patch directly on PlayStore. Like, packaging a patch with a new project launcher for patching files… Be cause, when i have to make a update on Playstore for another app, it doesn’t download the entire app but only the update. And the problem is that every time I made an “update” with entire package, the user who download it lose every save in game so the score is restarted :confused:

Did you managed to make patches for your app?