Making a non ridable dino rideable - Help

I have been trying to make a new rideable version of a dino which is usually not rideable. I have created the dino and made the saddle which all works however to update the rider position I had to modify the original Dino’s skeleton and I moved the rider socket to adjust the position of the rider.

So my point is how do I fix the problem without changing the original skeleton?

Another problem I have had is adding the engram for the saddle. Currently I can only get the saddle by killing the new dino to get it. I have added the engram to my PrimalGameData but it still won’t let me craft the item or learn the engram at all.


make sure it doesnt need an inv base to craft it (smithy ect) secondly if ur changing something about the dino ur changing sockets and bones so ull need to change the skelly

Still can’t fix the engram issue, I can get the saddle through death item drops but I can’t see, learn, or craft the engram and I have checked over it all multiple times. Does anyone know how to fix this please?

im sorry both the engram and bp need to be connected other than that it should work if in engram u tick give in inv and in the item take out the need for an inv present make sure it correctly hooked to give u the saddle and u should be right