Making a Music Player

I’m using Rama’s Victory Plugin to play sound from the game’s root folder. It’s working fine but now I need to know how to get all the music inside that folder and place them into an array.

How can I achieve this? Is it possible to do it with Blueprint alone or I need to use some API in C++?

You can do this with Rama’s plugin alone without having to write any C++, but it is a little work. You’ll have to get files at your folder location, put that into an array of strings, then for each load an asset, cast it to SoundWave, then add it to a SoundWave array.

Or actually you could just save the files’ locations toa string array like I said before then just play whichever one you need to on demand using the node you used in your screen shot. That’s probably easier, provided you know which index is which sound file :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, thanks for the reply. I think I can sort out the Array part my only problem atm is that I don’t have any clue at all on how to get the Files on the folder. Is there a function that returns file names on folders or the number of files in the folder?

I am trying to make a music player where the players can insert their own music. So it’s not an option to me to hardcore the music names. Does Rama Victory blueprint provide a function to return the file name?

Use Joy File IO Get Files. This will grab all of the files in a particular folder and return them as an array of strings as file paths.

Thanks for that. I will see how it goes :slight_smile:

Alright got them in an array. Thanks for the help :smiley:

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: