Making a multiplayer game for IOS

Hi guys,

I’m developing a ios game, and its everything okay, but the point is, how can I make a simple ios game multiplayer using blueprints (is this even possible?) I try to use the nodes Create Session, Join Session, and I was also able to package and test it on my device, but when i ran into the ‘‘create session’’ node the game closes automatically.
I also set ‘enable game center suport’ and set the [OnlineSubsystem] to DefaultPlatformService=IOS on DefaultEngine.ini . Am I missing something there?

Thank You :3

I run at same problem. I tried also to somehow set Game Center but actually I really don’t know how Game Center even works in this case. I would be thankful if someone can give me any clue how to solve this problem. Thanks!

Can someone from Epic please let us know the current state of multiplayer on mobile. I used to have this working on UE3 ( UDK ) but I can’t find any definitive answers as to the current state of multiplayer on mobile. Please can you let us know if matchmaking etc. is supported in BluePrints for iOS and Android? I can’t seem to find any create or join game delegates or matchmaking UI nodes.
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Mobile Multiplayer is really important!

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This is a known issue. You can follow it here: