Making a multi-path game.

So I am planning to do a multi-path game but I am confused about things, It will be a simple walking simulator game, but with choices. No dialogue, no puzzles.
I have 2 and a half month to deliver this project, I already done one game last semester so some 3d models and Blueprints will be used.

Things I haven’t done for my last game is;

I haven’t done a ui system, so I will do simple main menu with options of, start game and quit. I think I can manage to do it by using tutorials.

Also I haven’t done anything called “Game End” and go back to main menu screen.(Also can do with tutorials.)

So my main goal is choose door a, door b, door c or choose none button. So, I want player to choose one option and finish the game with a message and go back to main menu. Make it playable again.

Can anyone tell me how to manage this thing? Should I try it or not? Can someone recommend a tutorial about this?

Use Level-Streaming and use blueprints to load your wanted level.