Making a moddable game

Now, I’m not trying to explain how the editor works or try to make it seem like I know exactly what I’m talking about because I really don’t. But what I’d like to pull off is a basic shooter where I can take simple models with simple animation clips and use them in compilation with hierarchies that were built specifically to be customized for quick content creation.

So say in theory I have a weapon called the assault rifle… it holds 60 rounds, it allows the player to hold 240 bullets, it reloads at a speed of 3 seconds, and it fires at a rate of 5 bullets a second, and it does 10 damage per bullet. The model is a nice gun with a reload, fire, idle, put away, and bring out animation. What I want is to be able to functionally copy and paste the original weapon and just drop in a new model with animations and edit the ammo capacity, damage, reload time… etc.

Besides being able to make new weapons quickly, I’d like to learn how to make new characters too by simply dropping in new models with animations.

Back in the day I wanted to mod UDK. I was always asking how I could make my own custom weapons/characters/levels… but I was just shown a bunch of youtube tutorials. The youtube tutorials were garbage I thought.

Again… I just want to use copy/paste and I just want to edit some variables and slide in some new models and animations.

Let me explain what I mean by “hierarchies that were built specifically to be customized for quick content creation.”

Basically I think if I have game objects with hierarchies and blueprints that were constructed ahead of time with the idea of content duplication in mind, then I can make more content more quickly simply by duplicating said game objects and editing a few stats and changing the models… and possibly even randomizing and automating this whole scheme.

I need to learn to design a character, a weapon, and a level… and how to make these three things come together… before I go about learning how to customize them…

I know how to create content and can get very far with blueprints in terms of game logic, but I don’t know C++, yet. I have the same questions.

I want to make a game where users can add aniamted game models based on template assets. I could make template assets openly available. Modders could download a standard UE4 and make (.uassets) assets based on my instructions. But how would I have to package my game so modders could easily add assets to the game without overwriting existing assets or going into code?

hi @Diaval

if you find any good reliable solutions would love to ear.

for now I mostly “try and fail” to get a good solution, well at least from my point of view.
The less worst try was going with kinda a tom looman examples clone, means using C++.