Making a Metahuman a playable character

Are there any plans to make Metahumans playable characters ?

A game usually have 2 ~ 4 distinct models of a main character. And cinematic models, with tens of bones face rig, usually are never the playable model.

In a video game everything counts towards optimization, you really shouldn’t use these characters for gameplay.

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The reason I asked if there were any plans is because if there were, it would be nice to have an option in metahuman creator to export to a skeletal mesh that would be game playable for continuity with the cinematic character and playable character.

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Judging by the yesterday’s video, these are even optimised for making crowds… I’d like to think that no face rigs bones are used / needed here:

So perhaps it’s a matter of using the appropriate level of details?

Some of the Metahumans that are available now are available in 1k and 2k so you don’t have to go with the 8k cinematic quality version on textures which would also increase performance. because looking at the meta human BP there really is not a whole not of difference compared to a modular char.

If the auto LOD looks good enough for you then yes, but LOD0 for gameplay is bad and higher LODs could look like LOD0 and be playable if you actually make some manual labor… remove hair groom, replacing with hair cards, etc…

Then as said, it’s a distinct model, it’s no longer the MetaHuman plug n play.

The MetaHuman Sample project we released was tested on a wide range of devices, from mobile phones, to Switch, PS4, XB1, PS5 and XSX. You can set whether a particular platform should use strand or card grooms, and the highest quality LOD to use. Then unnecessary data is removed at cook time. Having said that, we have lots of improvements planned in Unreal Engine to make MetaHumans run and look better across different platforms.


I just found the docs now…
So you guys are working on it, nice.

You’ll need to add Compat.Max_GPUSKIN_BONES=75 to the DefaultEngine.ini configuration file located in your Project’s Config folder. This command needs to be added under the [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] section.

MetaHumans | Unreal Engine Documentation