Making a medieval themed level (WIP)

I recently started working on a level using the Top-Down Interiors mesh pack from the UE4 marketplace and wanted to post my progress. This level is not meant to be playable, it is not for any existing games, it is simply something I did for fun as well as something to help people understand some of the processes/techniques used when making levels.

I will be posting in here every so often with a progress update that will be accompanied with a link to a youtube video as well as an in progress download link of the progress made in that video. There will likely be 3-5 parts to the video in all.

Keep in mind that to properly open up the level you will need to purchase the Top-Down Interiors mesh pack on the marketplace and place the map in the same project as the mesh pack

Info: Part1 was focused mostly on getting the architectural layout of the structure figured out, no lighting and very little detailing work has been done as of yet.


very nice dude, would be nice to see some random mess about the place maybe

Looking forward to the updates!

Please tell me, is that scene based of a section of an Unreal 1 level?

Great job evilmrfrank! I am very excited to see how the final scene turns out. Be sure to keep us updated as you progress along in the development of your project. Keep up the great work!

This will look brilliant with some good lighting! I’ll be waiting for your updates :slight_smile:


No its not related :slight_smile:

I’ll probably try and get a part 2 out sometime this weekend if I can find the time. Part 2 will probably consist of finishing off the basic architectural layout of the building, and fixing up some of the existing architecture to make it more interesting, as well as a little bit of basic decoing. Going to try and keep the future videos under 10 minutes as well XD

Info: For Part 2 I was mostly focused on getting the architecture to a little more finalized spot (Still a ways to go) I also got around to doing a little bit of decoing and threw some lights in to get an idea for how the overall setting would feel in the end. Lighting is extremely placeholder!!



Looking good! The last image reminds of the first level of Thief: Deadly Shadows. lol I also love the lighting. Keep it up! :smiley:

Stunning, congratulations!

Thanks! Hoping to have part 3 uploaded either tomorrow night or sometime this Friday. This is really the point where things really start coming together.

Info: Part 3 is much more heavily visually based than the previous ones as I focused on a lot more detail work and lighting. I also spent a bit of time fixing up the architecture at some points.




The difference that lighting makes is dramatic, i really like what you have so far, great atmosphere, i can already hear the clock ticking and the fire crackling, that would be fun to explore with the Oculus Rift

Keep it up!

Looking great! Lighti8ng mood is spotted on.

Great job man! I love the style, not too realistic but not too cartoony :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I can’t take credit for the actual art style of the assets though, all of the art assets were created by Manufactura K4.

Very nice, the lighting has a warm feel to it.

Info: Part 4 finishes up the level, I mostly worked on finishing up lighting and decoing and also worked on improving architecture at some locations. This level was not meant to be a highly polished level so there will be issues, no extra polish work was done on the level, whats seen in the video consists of 100% of the work done in the level. Will be posting one final video of the level a little later. As always download link for the level is below!




Edit because im dumb. Cool setup and great use of the art pack!
Just a final flythrough video of the finished level