Making a Matinee that will dynamically find Player Character?

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this one for a while. I’m making a project that’s basically extending the Endless Runner tutorials. I’ve got a blank level and the Game Mode spawns a few tiles, and then more of my game functionality takes place on those spawned tiles. I’ve been able to use arrows or grab references to the player’s location for almost everything I’ve needed to do…

But I’m wondering how I might be able to get a Matinee’s camera to focus on my character.

This is tricky, because the Matinee has to be done in the level blueprint, so I can’t really access it from any of the actors that would be triggering the event. For example: My Player Character crosses a trigger volume in a tile.

So I’ve got that trigger volume hit setting a “play matinee” bool to true, and on a tick, the Level blueprint casts to my player character, checks to see if that bool is true, and if it is, it plays the video…

But it plays it where it’s placed in the empty level. Any idea how I could make it snap to my character’s location? There’s really no way i can set the location in stone because everything is generated dynamically - I’ll have to pull the info and go there.

                 - Justin

for this, i’ve tried teleporting the matinee’s camera component to the right spot, nothing. Same thing w/ teleporting the Matinee actor itself.

Then I tried Set world location, Add Actor World Offset, add actor local transform, and set actor location. None of it is going to the target location pulled from the Player character.