Making a map with alot of BSP structures?

okay… i have ALOT of experience working with BSP brushes,

is there a reason to avoid using BSP ?? is it better advised to use 3d meshes?
or something?
no problems with it or anything?

i dont know a whole lot about ARK’s devkit or this version of unreal engine yet…

(ive done alot with Deus Ex’s version of unreal engine, and Quake engine wolfET and CoD2,4 (they used BSP))

guessing BSP isnt destructable in game or maybe cant even be used in some scriptings??
but also, maybe it has some advantages?

LOL i guess theyd look crappier, and generally more work/more finicky than 3d modelling lol
… but its like something thats there i wonder if itd be useful to use??

no c++ coding everything is blueprints

BSP used to be used for final product results but that has been replaced with static meshes as it is more efficient. You can design your level in BSP then replace them with static meshes.

There is actually an option in the details panel for a bsp object to convert it into a static mesh. Meshes just are handled better by the engine from what I’ve seen, I’d recommend staying away from BSP as much as possible.

yeah i figured, thanks