Making a machinima and trying to find out some answers

Hey, all, obviously new here so I don’t know much about this.

I myself won’t be making the maps for the machinima, my friend is. The thing is though - I’m the director. I would need to load/connect to his project (I don’t know how that would work, so I’m not sure how to put it) and be able to direct where I want the camera.

Here’s where it gets confusing becuase since I’m new (moreso than my friend is) I’m not sure exactly what version of UDK I have. I THINK it’s UDK4. .

The problem arose when we thought my laptop wasn’t able to handle UDK4. But then I thought “Why not download it anyway and see what happens?”

So I made an account here, and downloaded something off the dashboard that said “Latest Download for PC”

From my understanding, I do have now a free version of UDK4. But my friend is subscribed, so he has access to UDK4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and so on.

My question is this then: Am I able to still direct the maps he makes even though I’m not updated? I don’t quite have the money right now to subscribe and get updated.

Welcome to the community ScottyMcGee312 !!!:smiley:
first of all There’s No Such Thing As UDK4 "Unreal Development Kit 4 " , your friend has UE4.1, 4.2, 4.3 “Unreal Engine 4” (the new version of epic’s engine, UDK is the free and the old version)
Secondly , UE4 doesn’t have a free Version , only a Commercial Version for 19 Dollars a month and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want , more info Here , and you can open the project with different UE4 Version but with some Errors so you must have the same Version as your Friend have.
and as you are an animator like me (i guess you used SFM or Gmod ) you have to wait for the upcoming Versions with the new tool called “Sequencer” it’s a Keyframe animation that it will make you do animation in Realtime , More information Here

I seeeee. . . looks like we were both confused. As he had said UE4 had a free version, to his understanding. So the version that I have is. . . what’s the proper name of it then? Just UDK? But does it have a version number or anything or is it essentially UE3 then?

The only free version of an Unreal Engine is UDK. If he has UE4 and it is free, then it is most likely “pirated”. Otherwise he is a subscribed user for UE4.

UDK is UE3. There is no free version of Unreal Engine 4(UE4.) As lloaded said, you can pay 19 dollars once and use that version of the engine as long as you want.

No, it’s not pirated. I said he was subscribed. He was just confused then by something because he thought that there was a free version so long as you don’t get money with whatever it is you’re doing. And then once you start making money, you have to pay royalties or whatever. Then the more I found out the more we got confused. Then he said it probably works in that if you subscribe you get updates to UE4.

On a sidenote, does anyone know any machinimas off the top of their heads that were made using UDK? I was fiddling around with it and find it still very good, but I’m trying to see people actually using it to film.

When you now really mean UDK :), then take a look at this one: (That’s the best one that you can find which was made with UDK)