Making a item system (ue5)

Hello everyone! Just wanted to start out by saying thanks for taking the time to read this and maybe give some input.

The so called “Item System” that I’m trying to create I would describe like this. I have a Actor BP created and will be the Parent actor that holds all of the logic for the children bps that I will create later. I would like to create a list that I can select a given BP actor, or a Mesh to control the mesh of the Parent/Child BP, and functionality of that “Item”.

For Example I pick a cube, the BP auto updates to the cube mesh, and now has the behavior of what I wanted the cube to do. If I changed it from the cube, to lets say for example a cube with a button on it, the bp will auto update in real time, to what the mesh looks like and all the functionality of that particular “Item”

What I want to achieve is a simple, but yet effect way of being able to just drag and drop, and select what you want.

Any help is much appreciated thank you -nrg

This video might be a good place to start :

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, will take a look at video, will get back to you with some updates soon! Thank you Again! -nrg

That is exactly what I needed thanks again!

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