Making a Hitscan/Particle Weapon?

Still working on our CIWS Project… But hey, we’re making some progress thanks to you guys! :smiley:

I’ve currently got a system where as the CIWS fires a StaticMesh as a projectile, however, since this weapon has such a high rate of fire - 75 rounds per second. I think it would be a better choice to go with a hitscan/raycast system. Now I’d like to ask you guys for suggestions as to where to start. I’ve done some looking around and am only finding tutorials on how to make projectile weapons.

I’m assuming I need to use the Trace functions, so if anyone knows of a good tutorial/documentation on how these work - I’d appreciate that.

Also, if you have any suggestions in general as to how to make a good weapon system for this, I’d love to hear it. Optimally, I’d want some kind of particle system that looks like a tracer, but I’ll need to look at some videos because just looking at Cascade makes me sweat. :stuck_out_tongue:

The cool thing about development is that there are a lot of ways to accomplish something, and very few wrong approaches.

While your weapon might have a high rate of fire, how does this translate into the game? Is it effective, or even fun, to have a projectile weapon firing 75 rounds a second? How does this come into play in terms of NPC’s or other players - does anything stand a reasonable chance against said fire power? You’re looking at at least three things; a given sound effect that “sounds like” 75 rounds a second, an animation or effect that suits the sound, and an affect, in terms of damage primarily, that suits both the sound and the vfx.

I’d probably set up a line trace from my character, with the end point being something like 8192 along my forward vector - so that the trace goes forward 8192 units, but only in the direction I am looking. I would also set up a re-triggerable delay in the blueprint of the weapon to something like .05 / .1, so that the trace is fired very quickly, and create some visual effects and sounds that suit your intended rate of fire.

That is just my way of dealing with it, and in no way is it the “right” way, or the preferred way - just -a- way.

that being said, here’s a great resource for creating a prototype weapon in blueprints: Lets Make: Weapon in Blueprint from Blank Project - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

In addition to that, is a wonderful resource. I believe the author touches base on hitscan/traced weapons, as well as projectiles, and goes over some polish as well.

Best of luck,

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Hey, thanks for the great information. I’m looking at the Prototype Weapons in Blueprint currently, and I can’t get it to work. As I understand is the Event “Actor Begin Overlap” is only executed, when the actor is colliding with some other actor. I really fail to understand why you would use this to make a weapon…? Because it certainly ain’t working in my case, since I’m controlling a static turret.

Any suggestions of another event that could work? I will play around a bit with traces once I’ve gotten this prototype weapon to work.

I just wanna jump in here to say thank you for the links!!! I found so much stuff I needed!

Managed to get started on a hitscan weapon using traces. Just need to polish things up, thanks Havoc - your information was of great help indeed!