Making a Game without C++

Hi guys …
iam an artist good in 3d and running the editor and zero experience in C++ . i wanna make a side scroll game with a main character and enemy AI , guns and its upgrade , some puzzles , pickups , power ups , simple HUD and score , check points and level saving , script the state game for the score and upgrades . so the question is can i make all of this throw blueprint without any line of code because C++ is hard for me to learn plus i don’t have time .

so guys any answers that relief my head because Confounded

Yes, they’re plenty of people making games entirely in blueprints.

all what you described here can be handled by blueprint

Yes, BP games are so possible.

Plenty nearly finished or are done.


thanks guys … i will start diving into blueprint

Between about 10 projects I have trying out different things, I have almost created the basics for an MMO like game, think more GW original, 100% in blueprint. If you have the time and patience, you can definitely complete your game in BP only.

you are actually still coding it’s just prettier, so any background or logic from the past you’ve learned will help.
(BP is visual scripting - ie: code)

there are a few limitations but nothing I personally haven’t been able to work around, in fact it’s an advantage to use BPs. especially when you find something that works even though it’s not supposed to, lol. but it is easier to learn & work with, in my opinion.
(it’s like finding an Easter Egg)

I haven’t touched code, other than in BPs, since starting UE4 :cool:
(with luck it’ll stay that way with me)

The only thing I have found that isn’t able to be done well in blueprints is datasets. Annoyingly you still can’t import excel spreadsheets into Unreal without some minor C++. You can still do it using enums and structs but it’s nowhere near as easy to work with and change sets around.

I would disagree there. I can import excel into unreal without an issues what so ever and no C++ required at all. Just takes the excel file and a struct made ahead of time. I use one for my classes stat gain for each level and exp increase as well. The documentation on excel importing is pretty **** though so I could easily see where people would still think C++ is needed.

thanks for all the replies … its great news for me i will learn BP in depth as much as i can

It might be good for you to look at what Object oriented is.
parent/child relations and the sort

i am working on my final year project in UE4 and not a c++ keyword yet

just a few tips:
-backup your work everyday (EVERYDAY!!!)
-limit your use of renaming in the editor since it might cause crashes