Making A Game Out Of A Mod

Alright, I’m a bit new at this whole thing.
Im pretty good at C++, but that doesnt matter.

I want to know if it possible and how difficult it would be to take a game(just any game that is coded in C++), import it to Unreal Engine, mod the f*** out of it to basically make a brand new game.
Don’t worry about the type of mods that would be implemented, I really just want to know it its possible to take a game already out there, bring it in Unreal Engine, and etc…

The more detailed, the better!
Sorry if I sound very new to this… I am :slight_smile:

If that game is built with Ue4 and you have the source code it would be easy to change stuff. If not everything would have to be rewritten from scratch.(Huge undertaking)

Sounds like you’d benefit from checking out some of the example games epic provides: you can open them up in UE4 and change em to your heart’s content!