making a game like civ 5 or beyond earth

anyone know how to make a game similar to civ5 or beyond earth in this engine?

if you do that would be a big help

They is a complex and loaded question. What specifically are you asking? Unreal, like any other engine, can do just about anything you set your mind to. Given you have the expertise or cash.

Hexed/Tiled map is a little tricky process.However Epic has an example project about it. I think it was named Turn Based Strategy Game on Content Examples section. You can start there.

create your AI architecture in C++ ( some help: Amit’s Game Programming Information ), create your procedural map generator in UE4 BP or C++, release, ???, profit! :slight_smile:

advanced turn based tile toolkit on the marketplace seems good but if you want to make your own hex grid i think you need to do that in C++ or some other programming language. iv found a few examples of how to make hex grids on google in C++ but i dont know how to use them with unreal yet.

the link I shared contains nice description of different grid systems including hex. that package you mentioned also features hex grid.