Making a Game from Widget Blueprints - Multiple Questions


I am an artist that has worked with widgets before to HUDs and menu screens before, but never delved deeper than scratching the surface.

For the game design class I am taking, we were assigned to create a clicker game, but I wanted to try and be innovative in my design. So, my game is to teach players about the art of pointillism where every time they clicked the canvas button, it would produce one dot on the screen and their goal is to create a bigger image with the collection of dots. The problem is, I am having a difficult time with creating that base mechanic, much less defining a goal.

Here is the current code. The clicks are registering when playtesting without error, but no box is produced on the screen and I worry it is either being created behind the widget or my code is not producing anything at all.

I have also come to question if it is even possible to create a game only off of widgets, as some functions are for display only. I am also unsure about what the painting category is and when trying to look it up, I have not come across any good explanation.

I would appreciate any help or feedback.

the easiest way would be to import a Sprite with 1x1 dot and create instances of it on the fly

Cool idea but your code is not producing anything at all atm.

You need to override the widget’s OnPaint for the drawbox to work - this is where the context is coming from.
If I were you, I’d also create a 2d vector array and each time a user clicks add a position to the array.
Iterate through that array in your OnPaint and then DrawBox.

Also, look into the HUD class - it has a bunch of efficient draw functions: