Making a Freezer\ Spoil times and Refrence

I’m trying to make a mod for a personal server that adds a Freezer (Rather than a fridge) to the game. I have the freezer working, and as far as I know it shows up. but I can’t figure out how to change the spoil timer. I’be been looking for hours and cannot find it whatsoever.

Any help?

Also, when I view the references of the freezer, one of the references shows up as IceBox, as if it is still linked to the fridge. Any one know how to fix that? The reference picture is attached.

Because it’s using the default inventory component from the Fridge.

If you want to remove that, make sure you’ve copied the fridge - not made a child of it, delete the inventory component, copy the inventorycomponentBP file for the fridge into your mod folder and rename it and add the component back in. Reference gone.

If I have time later I’ll look into the first part of your post else someone beat me, but it’s 11:30AM and I’ve got things I need to get done.


ah. I’m ok with the inventory component of it.
and I figured out the spoil time part.
You have to change the “Decay Destruction Period Multiplier” in the PrimalItemStructure Blueprint.

Thank you about the Reference help though.

It’s the Blueprint for the specific item.
Mine being “Freezer_Structure”
Originally “IceBox”

Actually, where do I find the Inventory component for the fridge? What is the label in the editor and which item would it be in?

It’s called whatever the reference viewer says it is, I can’t open the image at the moment.

Are you referring to finding the file in the content browser to copy to your folder, or are you talking about your freezer BP?


I wasn’t sure how to find the Inventory_BP. but I found it now.