Making a flythrough problems

So for the life of me I cannot find a UE4 tutorial regarding this. My google powers got the best of me. I can find UDK tutorials on this, but I suck, so I can’t improvise the changes no matter how I try. All I am trying to do is make a flythrough of my environment and have it output an image sequence so I can cut it for demo reel purposes.

Here’s what I did from what information I could salvage from people.

-New level
-Open matinee and create a new camera group
-Create a director group
-key the camera movement and director
-move camera
-key camera movement and director a couple seconds ahead.
-open blueprint
-setup nodes as the image shows

Now when I hit the movie button and try to output it, it just goes right into simulation mode. So it does make an image sequence, but just of me walking around shooting boxes with a nerf gun. I’ve tried a bunch of variations of these steps, all to no avail. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing? Thank you in advance.

Director track’s first keyframe isnt set to the camera’s group. It should say NewCameraGroup[Shot_0010] when it is properly set. Also you dont need the keyframe at the end of director.

Thank you, that’s exactly what was wrong. I got it now :slight_smile: