Making a flying AI follow the player?

Hello I’m pretty new to using Unreal, So I would really appreciate if the answers could be easy for a novice to understand. Thank you!

I actually had this AI work at once point, but ever since I accidentally deleted the level (the sprites, assets and blueprints for the characters have remained however) it hasnt worked the same.
The Blueprint was set so that the character would rotate and face towards the player at all times, and fly towards the player. But since I redid the navmesh, the character will not rotate anymore, and only flies towards the player if they are standing directly in front of it.
This is made on the 2DSideScroller so I only need it to move across the x and z axis!
Below is a screenshot of the blueprint I have been using.

I will appreciate all the help I can get thank you very much!

This was posted long ago but this is the exact thing I need help with.

So you have a 2D setup and you want a flying character to follow behind the player?

My first question is: Do you really need to use a nav mesh? It seems to me that in a 2D environment, using that kind of navigation might be overkill. But I don’t know if the follower will need to perform more complex movements to avoid obstacles or not. For example, in Ocarina of Time (and probably most other Zelda games), Navi floats around Link and can pass through walls without issue - it doesn’t perform any advanced nagivation.

My second question is: Is it important that the follower be independent of the player? Would it make a difference if the follower were simply “attached” to the player to make it look like it was following? If not, it would save a lot of headaches to simply attach it, maybe add some movements to make it look like it is not rigidly attached.

But if you do truly need to use a nav mesh, then what exactly is the issue? You should be using AI Perception instead of Pawn Sensing - I don’t think AI Perception was a “thing” back when this was originally posted in 2006. Although … do you really want this to only work on sight? I have no idea what the intent is here, but it seems like if you use pawn sensing there’s a good chance the follower could “lose” the player. But if you do want it to work this way and you have this set up but the AI will not work unless the character is “standing directly in front of it”, that seems to indicate that the parameters set for AI Perception for the Sight sense are not high enough to allow the AI to see the player. You can use the AI Perception debugging to show the senses … I think it might be Numpad 4?.. might be a different hotkey, try a couple. It will show the sight range of the AI.

This is just an idea, but if you go with Chumbles suggestion of attaching it to the player, try attaching it at the end of a spring arm component, that way you can add lag etc to its movements