Making a "flip/flop" effect on widget

I would like to know how could I make a flip/flop effect on a widget BP. So when I pause my game by pressing esc I don’t have to click to resume instead I press esc again.

What do you mean creating a “Flip/flop” effect, there is already a blueprint node for that called “flip/flop”

but you can not use it in the widget BP.

I hope I understood your question well.

You don’t want to activate/deactivate your pause screen in your Pause WidgetBP, at least I don’t do it that way.
Instead you want to do it in your Character Blueprint, like so:

You can Add “Set Game Paused” and “Set Show Mouse Cursor” too, which will stop everthing and will let you see your mouse on screen and you can disable them in B output of “Flip/Flop”.

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No, that isn’t what I am looking for. I think the solution is using the override on key down but I don’t know how to use this override. Take a look at my BPs.

I fixed it. I changed the set input to UI, now it is set input to game and UI.