making a fake shadow


I have a 3rd person jumper game where a player character jumps from platform to platform collecting objects. Some of the platforms are moving around.

The textures are all emissive…there are no lights. it’s all super low poly.

I want my jumper character to have a shadow under him though so that when he goes from platform to platform you can sort of see where he’ll land.
I’ve tried two things so far
-A decal under the character. That doesn’t seem to work on the platforms that move around and if I understand correctly Unreal says currently decals are only supported on static objects.
-I tried putting a simple shape under the player that would stick to whatever is below but when he’s at the edge of the platform the geometry is half below him and half in the air which looks bad.

Any ideas how I could go about doing this?
Thanks for any help!

Decals should be able to be applied to moving objects, otherwise how would you put blood splatters on an enemy character. Im sure there is something here that you might be missing to make that work.

The alternative is using a trace and spawning an cylinder below him and you can hide the edges with a particular material setup so that it’s only showing when there is a mesh underneath it, that should fix your edges. Unfortunately materials are not my strong point so I can’t help much more on that side sorry.

ah ok…they weren’t showing up and then i read this “We currently only support deferred decals and they only work on static objects.” on the decals info page
what does that mean then?

i have a line trace set up to project the decal. it’s working everywhere except on my moving platforms. the line trace is going to actors, world static and world dynamic.
EDIT - figured it out. just had to make my material a decal material.
thanks for the help!

@jeremycouillard I’m looking into doing something similar for my characters shadow when he’s jumping any chance you still have the blueprint for this and can share an image or explain in more detail? thanks

sorry i’m not able to open that project anymore. but i remember it not being so hard. I just used line tracing and had it trace directly below the character on tick and then moved the decal with a decal material there. good luck!

Hi @Amicusrex ! Did you finally get that fake shadow work? I’m trying the same with very bad results. Thanks!