Making a DVD of my .mp4 files.

Right, Windows DVD Maker is not letting me make a DVD of my movies (from my phone) because they are .mp4s and it doesn’t like that.

How do I burn these onto a DVD so I can watch them on my TV?

Cheers for any help. Buying a third-party program to do this is not a problem, if you guys recommend one. There seem to be a million free programs that do this, but I suspect a lot of them are stuffed with Ad- and mal-ware.

One that generates a pretty menu would be nice too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!

I use the free any video converter to convert my video files, it works well and has no ad-ware or anything, might be worth a look:).

-check your TV if you can probably find a USB port -> because then you dont need to burn the video on a DVD :slight_smile:
-I always use this program: :// (german site, but probably you can find an english version)

What devices do you have? Some things can actually read off a USB

. I have some .mp4 files on my PC. I want to burn them to a DVD so my wife can view them on a DVD player. Do I need to convert them, or can the DVD player understand .mp4s? (It is a modern DVD player, that can also play BluRays).

Thanks for the other suggestions, everyone. :slight_smile: Do they also allow you to rotate the video clip, by 90 or 180 degrees, if necessary?

You may actually be able to just burn the files on the DVD disc without making an official DVD. If it has a USB port you may also be able to just load the files on a flash drive and plug it in and play from there.

I don’t know of any video players that do a 90-degree video rotation, you would have to do that type of thing beforehand

Yes, but I want them on DVDs, Darth, for storage and a technophobic wife. :slight_smile: This is why I also asked if these programs made pretty menus as well.

I know I need to rotate them before hand. I was asking whether this can be done with the encoders/burners I’m being recommended.