Making a door blueprints - need help - parenting problem

I did the blueprint of the door like this:
Put the sm_door on stage - > converting it to a blueprint. So in the blueprint editor for this new blueprint using the sm_door , i see that the sm_door has its name changed(doesnt matter), as a master parent, so everything i add is its child. This is a big problem, i cant find a way to make the child not to fallow the door.

This is what i did, i use the sm_door and added a component to it for overlap testing. a bsp box.
Thats all to it in the viewport for the blueprint.
so all i did in the graphs was to make the door open using E when near the door. It works very well using the timeline node combined with flipflop and setrotation with make rotation. Its the simplest way i could find.
Now there are 2 problem one must be a bug.
The bug thing is when i make sure everything is working fine i go back and select the overlap box and change it to static. Well it breakes the function and the door does not rotate any more(graph shows everything is normal it just do not rotate anymore), problem is when i put it back to movable it still broken and i have to delete the blueprint and remake it. Very irritating this is!!!

My main problem is that i want to rotate the door and leave the overlap box alone. And ofcourse it must be all part of the same blueprint so i can copy as many doors as needed.
So just to state it, the box makes overlaps at both sides of the door and just in front of it. When the door rotates the box goes along as it is a child of the door. So at testing its very weird to be at the front of the door press E to open it and to close it need to move the character to a new position so its possible to close the door. I just want that the overlap box does not fallow the door. How to unparent it?

So i solve the problem using a empty actor as top parent of the scene. So the sm_door and the bsp box used to trigger player input to be both child of empty actor. This way was possible to move the door and make the box unmovable.

Finished the job making 2 boxes, 1 that will not change any transformation. And another to rotate with the door. The first one is a child of the top parent(empty actor) the second is a child of the door.

Objective was to use a key to open/close the door while standing near it, be the door frame or the door itself. So if i stand at the closed door ill be able to open it and close it without moving my character. And if i leave the door open and come from the other side the door’s back side its possible to interact with because of the second trigger box.

Don’t know if there are better ways to do this interaction asflexible as this with a simpler way. But this works great!

I am here for the same problem, what if I am running an achViz project, and I need every door replaced, do I need to create a new bluePrint for every door to replace the original static mesh? Is there not a way to directly convert door and window by just converting it to blueprint?
I hope someone managed to solve the Actor Heirarchy issue after all this time.