Making a dice tile/based movement

Hello everyone

I am really new to developing so pardon for any questions that seem obvious.

I’m looking to make a dice based tile movement, where you roll a dice, and the number you get will decide how many “tiles” you can walk, for example, if you roll 6, you can move anywhere from 1-6 tiles, by using the mouse to select where you want to move, thought i want these tiles to only show on an overlay over the actual map.

where should i start to be able to make this? as detailed as possible

Thank you in advance, really appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Bump, :frowning: any help?

Start by breaking your problem down into the smallest chunks and then focus on those. We can’t take the time on here to detail how to make an entire system that large. think through what you need to make Dice, to roll them, to get a result, to store that results, etc.

Break the idea into small tasks and attempt those. When you hit an issue come post about those specific questions that are small enough to handle on the forum.

There are lots of tutorials on line (probably not specific to what you want) but for those you can google them as well as anyone else really. Understand that this game you want to make is a decently sized endeavor so you will need to learn the basics of Unreal before pushing forward.