Making a dev team for a game

Welcome coders I’m making a dev team need devs or good at blueprints for a MMORPG sci-fi survival game I want it custom and I want it to be cross platform msg me for more info or to join

Hey techlord
It will be unique cause it will have everything custom it will also have missions and still be survival and I’ll only take money from people if they want extras like new ships and what ever else we decide also I will help where ever I can on the game not just one job

Also I’m planning on having space monoliths as a thing u can build

I believe if we combine our ideas we could make a awesome gane

Hi goldencreed22

In continuation of our Skype conversation, I recommend utilizing the Recruiting Template to supply more detail on your development goals. I do understand your desire for custom Assets, however, store-bought assets could provide a great starting point. Customization for store-bought asset has been a game-dev life long quest and my motivation for supporting Asset Modding (Community-Driven Mass Customization) in | TheGameDevStore.VR: MMO + Interactive Asset Store + RPG|FPS Game Layer w/ VR Support.

Using HELLION & Star Trek Online as reference, I can easily see the application of procedural generation for Star Ship Interiors (possibly using a mirrored BSPmethod). These High-Quality Modular Modular Sci-Fi Interiors are ideal for this purpose and are priced fairly. Ship Exteriors would require more research but, I can visualize application of Mirrored Collage Constuction System to assemble Starship/Starcraft, Melee/FireArms Weapons, and Armor. A deep look at FREE Sci-Fi resources available in the Epic’s Demo: Infiltrator.

Good Luck to you.

Hi there, im realy new to Unreal and still getting fimilair.
I am decent at scenery and that type of stuff, Still getting familiar with blueprints tho. I wont be a massive adition to you’re team but can be a helping hand here and there, pm me if interested.

Titanic I will let u join because I’m alone and don’t know much myself we could probably learn together and put this game on the market p.s. im making my best effort into learning about making games but with u I could probably make my dream game a reality