Making a demo/prototype of a game

Hi All,

This maybe the wrong place to post this here so please forgive me I am a complete Noob to Game development I dont even have skills in this area I’m actually just a Helpdesk Analyst,

But can any one point me in the right direction to making a demo/prototype of a game,
I want to make a Unreal Tournament style game but with a alot more Martial Arts think Tekken meets Unreal tournament or what The Game Oni should of been if it had multiplayer,

is there odd like presets or stuff I can download where I dont have to do too much of the work like a few cheats to create this?

I just want to create one Level that is multiplayer with the possible of 2 - 16 players to join all can wield a gun and Punch and Kick their way through their opponents,

any ideas where to start guys?



Making a multiplayer game is very difficult.
But there’s two things you can check out.
First is the “Shooter Game” in the Epic Games Launcher under the “Learn” tab.
And second is the generic shooter sample project on the marketplace.

Think much much much smaller!
Try for a simple whack a mole kind of game first to get a handle on what mechanics you want.
And expand from there.
Also a noob in Dev but have previous experience in leading a dev team and modding + modeling.

One of my biggest mistakes and a comon one is starting too large.
I recently started again at an attempt with Blender and UE4…
but this time it’s really mobile like small.

Go as simple and small as possible with first projects… even making a pong game would do.
Just to test your skills.
and than replace the physics, than add a donut onstead of the ball.
Go further and further.

Just start small.
Would be a waste to get stuck on a large project only to quit because you run into too many walls like i did at first.