Making A Chess Board

I am trying to make a chess board but my approach is not working, looking for advice on whether to persevere with this route or not. I am inexperienced with Unreal but for the most part okay with C++.

I created two actors ATile and AGameBoard

ATile has a UStaticMeshComponent

TileComponent = CreateDefaultSubobject<UStaticMeshComponent>(TEXT("Tile"));

I would like AGameBoard to have a TArray of Tiles.

TArray<ATile*> Tiles.

My plan was to construct the tiles and then attatch their meshes to the root component of the board with the correct transform to position them all but I can’t find the correct combination of functions. In psuedo code something like

for (all the rows)
  for(all the columns)
     Tiles.Add(new ATile);

Any hints how this should work?

Chess Game Creator in the unreal marketplace can familiarize you with how to make tile patterns