Making a car that can both drive on ground and fly in air

Hi everybody.I’m currently making the vehicle from Blade Runner2049.It can run on ground and switch to fly mode.But I ran into some problems.The vehicle can run properly and when I change to fly mode,it fly ok.But when I changed it back to ground mode,the wheels of the car just fell of.Here’s the blueprint.Most codes are from the vehicle and flying template. Hope you guys can help me.


I am guessing it has something to do with when you switch Simulate Physics on and off for the car mesh.

How are the wheels attached? Are they attached via physics-controlled things or are they attached by being components of the Car blueprint, or some other way?

Maybe when you stop simulating physics, move the car, then start simulating physics again, the wheels try to resume their physics simulation from where they were before? I don’t know but I think it has something to do with that more than anything else, and knowing how they’re attached to the car might help figure it out.

Thank you for replying. I agree that something must be wrong with simulate physics.I set up the wheels just like in the vehicle template.Not components in blueprint I think.I wonder how can I set it up right to make it work.

Do you ever try switch to non-flying, driving mode while the car is in the air, not touching the ground? Same result? Sorry I wish I knew more about Physics Assets.

yes.Same result.Thank you anyway.