Making a Box Brush with no Player collision

How you make a Box Brush that a play can pass through? I’ve tried changing the Solidity property of this highlighted BoxBrush as circled in the attached picture based on reading the UE4 documentation, but it’s a little confusing as I cannot confirm the solidity is actually changing.

If I promote the Brush to StaticMesh the collision properties do seem to to apply correctly, but while the Brush remains a Brush the Player can still collide with it.

Is there a way to allow the player to pass through this brush with no collision?

The selection color of the geometry changes a little when solidity is changed. It is easier to see in Geometry Editing mode. From the color, I’d say your current geometry is semi-solid.

I have not used this feature in the past, but reading the documentation, it seems that non-solid objects should not have collision.

Even if I set the geometry to non-solid, it still retains collision. Either this is a bug or the collision refers to something completely different. I’d say it’s a bug.

I use BSPs often to block out levels but this particular feature I’ve never used. BSP geometry is inferior in both performance and features compared to static meshes, so they’re mainly used to just block out the levels.

I’d suggest to try using SuperGrid (permanently free marketplace content) along with brushes for now.

EDIT: It is a bug, I submitted it but even though I had checked the issue page whether if it had been already reported, I somehow missed the previous bug report:

Are you able to use a different type of volume? such as a trigger volume, or post process? what’s it for?